• SPRING team

    Photo credit: Anne Koerber

  • Lady Health Worker conducting role play with a mother during SPRING training in Pakistan

    Photo credit: Asma Basheer

  • Mother and baby during SPRING training in Pakistan

  • Kilkaari worker demonstrating child stimulation to mother, India

    Photo credit: Gauri Divan

  • Surveillance field team, India

    Photo credit: Reetabrata Roy

  • Intervention Research Associates with Kilkaari workers in field training at Aanganwadi Centre, India

    Photo credit: Reetabrata Roy

  • Kilkaari team, India

    Photo credit: Reetabrata Roy

  • Lady Health Workers after SPRING training in JATLI, Pakistan

    Photo credit: Murtaza

SPRING for MDG’s (Sustainable Program Incorporating Nutrition and Games)  is a seven year research programme funded by the Wellcome Trust that brings together researchers from the UK, India and Pakistan.

The aim of SPRING is to develop an innovative integrated strategy that hopes to significantly reduce child deaths and improve child growth, nutrition and development.

The key elements of SPRING are to:

  • Promote key newborn & child survival interventions
  • Enhance care giving skills, using an adaptation of the WHO/UNICEF Care for Development Package
  • Support optimal infant & young child feeding practices
  • Use a supportive counselling approach to help mothers help and play with their children.

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